This Ain't No McCartney Rugdog!!
Sing it with me - "One of these dogs is not like the others,..." 

Sebie came to our happy little pack quite by accident.  Jen works for a government dog training program and must visit area animal shelters for prospective procurements.  While at one shelter she looked at a large Beagle-mix that had recently been owner-surrendered.  The dog seemed absolutely crushed, unwilling to show interest or take treats in any way.  On inquiring she learned that the dog's family had moved to Hawaii and arranged for a neighbor to foster the dog while its 3 month FAVN health panel was completed and the dog could rejoin them.  Unfortunately, when that time came the family chose to not take him.  The foster turned him in.
Needing a FAVN-current Beagle, Jen decided to revisit him in a few days to see if things had improved after the shelter shock ebbed. Boy did it ever! Sebie did so well Jen pulled him for program temperament testing and medical exam and off he went. Then the other shoe dropped... he was too old! Not that it was ever easy, but for the first time Jen just didn't have the heart to return a dog to the shelter. Despite my better judgment, I agreed we could adopt him as a foster with the understanding that she needed to find him a home. And she did. Ours! After two months we had only had two inquiries. He was a mix-breed (Beagle and Harrier we think) so breed rescue was out, and it was the 2006 recession and all the general rescue groups were full. We are active in both Vizsla and GSP rescue, but people, there is a reason that fostering is not something we do. By the time the two months had rolled by we were through all the rocky parts and the old guy had grown on us. I went ahead and gave in to what I suspect was "the gameplan" all along. He quickly became our distinguished mascot and elder statesman.
aka Sebie, Da Beagle, Beag's , Da Hound, or just Hound

​​After a long and illustrious career as the mascot hound and mayor of the Muddy Paws Gang our esteemed elder statesman has gone on ahead across that Rainbow Bridge.  I'm certain he is doing his famous walk-about security check and will be expecting his snap-snaps (carrots) on completion. "Nice man who feeds me" (which I'm equally certain was Sebastion's name for me) will be sure to bring some along when it is time. 
      Someone...                              say...                          SNAP-SNAPS!?!