This is a vacation trip we took the boys on in  2009  to North Carolina where the intent was to get the kids into some snow.  At right are Carson, Shiloh, and Ember (l-r), at a small hunting perserve where we went to stretch our legs.  It was 18 degrees out and the owners were willing to give us full access to the entire valley property - just as long as we didn't expect them to come out into the cold with us! 

Earlier at the cabin Jen got photogenic with the red dogs, Ember and Carson.  The trip where these pictures were taken was before we were adopted by our hound mascot, Sebastian.

We never did get into any actual standing snow!
When we first met Jenni had already had six red dogs in her life, five of which were still with her at the time.  Although I had always had dogs growing up (and half of them were either labs or a Brittany) I had never fully trained and handled a dog until becoming a police service dog handler.  I guess I should have realized that the dogs would be a very integral part of our lives when our second date was to a nearby agility competition where Jenni was handling Gunner.  At the after-show dinner, with some twenty people, Jenni's trainer at the time announced that I "was a keeper" - and the pack has been off and running ever since!
Jenni and her third agility dog, Gunner (CH Lyons Tasmanian Gunsmoke CD OA OAJ). 
Jenni with Tazi (CH Skyway's Tasmanian She Devil CD NA) at Westminster Kennel Club in 1995.
 Basic K9 Training graduation with my partner, K9 Ben.
In October 2010 we completed the migration from Orlando, FL to Newnan, GA which had begun in April 2009.  The new Muddy Paws Compound is nestled in amongst a horse community and quickly became a doggie playground.  About half of the five acres is bird field...
...and on the other side of the house - a full-sized agility field with all the fixin's!
And when we need to go mobile, there's always The Roost. Seen here at Elkton, FL for the agility portion of the 2010 GSPCA NSS.