​Breeding Program
To paraphrase a lesson drilled home by Jen and by a dear friend of ours who is a matriarch in the Vizsla breed, not every dog is a Champion and not every Champion should be bred.

While I am proud of our Gang, and feel they have traits that are worthy of passing on, we do not, generally speaking, have a dedicated breeding program.  We are not out to establish our kennel name​​.  That's not to say we don't breed at all.

When we breed, it is to support the  programs of our Gang's breeders and where we believe that our contribution will maintain or improve the qualities of their lines and the respective dog breeds as a whole.
Anticipated Breedings
Ibizan Hounds

The "City" Litter
​​A co-bred litter between Kamar Ibizans (Katie Belz DVM) and Hart Hounds (
Brianne Butcher). Planned for Spring 2018.

MBIF GCH DC Kamars XXX Bladerunner SC FCh 
MBIF GCHB DC Timberwinds Habanera De Carmencita MC LCX